Local minute-fresh delicious produce

Nextfood Basil looks wonderful and grows big, aromatic leaves. It adds fresh, powerful and characteristic flavour to salad bowls, fish and all kinds of white meat.
Bok Choy is an extraordinary type of cabbage with relatively short growing period and high productivity. You can also cook, stew and steam it. We guarantee, it will taste delicious!
Nextfood thyme is aromatic and soft. Good news if you are feeling lazy- its small leaves do not need to be chopped!
Everyone’s favourite summer treat, now available all year round. Our strawberries are sweet and look wonderful.
Chervil is a delicate herb that must be fresh for its taste to be enjoyed. Its subtle, slightly aniseed tinge enhances the flavour of dishes and makes a great soup.
Thai basil has strong, spicy, liquorice-like flavour, and incredible ability to withstand high cooking temperatures. If added at the end of cooking process, it will retain all its delicious aroma!
Versatile and delicious, Nextfood parsley has broad leaves and slightly stronger flavour. Besides culinary purposes, parsley comes with many health benefits!
Crisp and juicy. Nextfood cucumbers are easy to be enjoyed both fresh and pickled.
We love Crystal Lettuce for its sweet and particularly crunchy bite and its decorative leaves. Nextfood Crystal Lettuce keeps its fine look and crisp even when things get hot.
Red basil is a coloured variety of sweet basil with upright grown pink, edible flowers, and very dark leaves. It tastes just like a regular basil, but its unique colour can contribute to a memorable culinary experience.
Nextfood Tarragon brings a unique, aromatic flavour, and a bit of elegance to your fish and chicken dishes. Works wonders in cocktails too!
In the wild, dill requires hot summers and rich, well-drained soil. Nextfood Vertical Farms provide it with the same environment, all year round, everywhere.

A few of our crops



Our farms enable same day fresh, local, delicious, super nutritious and pesticide-free produce, whenever and wherever you want it.

Careful control of nutrients, light, water and other climatic parameters ensures the crop has optimal conditions for ideal taste, aroma and nutritional content.

They also ensures efficient use of resources, lower CO2, up to 98% less water use, no water pollution, long shelf-life, much less transport and food waste, and they free 200 m2 soil for each 1 m2 indoor farm.

We grew 200 plant variants ranging from 2 cm to 10 m in size; while some a more profitable than other, our farms can grow anything.



For culinary purposes, typical crops include herbs, leafy greens, berries, edible flowers and other small, fast growing greens for which freshness and taste are particularly important.

We can adjust the growing process and the flavour according to your preferences!



Healthy, Fresh, Tasty and Local