Where are your farms located?

Our farms are located in our home country Denmark and abroad, mainly serving food service companies and retail as well as certain private companies that use our systems for various plant growing purposes.

How much space does a Nextfoods farm require compared to traditional agriculture?

1 m2 floor space in a Nextfood farm corresponds to 200 m2 in traditional outdoor agriculture.

How can I get a Nextfood in-store mini farm in my business?

If you are a food service owner, retailer, restaurant or canteen chef and wish to get your in-store mini farm please send us an email at

How can I invest in building my own farm with Nextfood technology?

Please contact us at We are excited to hear more about your plans.

How often and when can I harvest?

You can harvest all year-round. Nextfood greens are always in season.

Do we need to know anything about farming ourselves?

Nextfood delivers the hardware, software and recipes that you need to follow. We also offer supervision by our plant engineers; therefore, no plant knowledge is needed to begin with. That said, plant knowledge is an advantage.

Do I have to water the plants myself?

No, the Nextfood system does that automatically. It will also notify you if something is not working as it should.



What kind of vegetables can you grow with vertical farming?

We have grown more than 200 plant variants; including tomatoes, cucumber, chilis, etc, the largest more than 10 meters long. While we can grow anything, including trees, in practice, we focus on herbs, leafy greens, edible flowers and other smaller size crops. This is, however, quickly expanding.

How do I design my own signature taste?

Anything can be grown in our vertical farms. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will produce a crop that suits your requirements. Do you need an extra crispy lettuce, or a very sweet strawberry? No problem! Our technology and plant experts can make it happen.

Can I buy your greens for my restaurant or grocery shop?

If you are a food service owner, retailer, restaurant or canteen chef and wish to buy crops from one of our farms please send us an email at

I am a private individual; where can I buy your greens?

-MENY Borups Allé
-INCO Copenhagen and Glostrup


How does Nextfood support in-store farms?

Once you purchase your mini-farm our services include consumables (seeds, nutrients, bio plugs), remote-monitoring and service visits. We offer a subscription if you prefer that Nextfood fully monitors your farm.

How does Nextfood support scale large farms?

Nextfood has a dedicated support team since the moment you partner with us for running your own scale farm. We will offer training if needed and guide you through installation of the farms till first harvest and beyond!

Is the Client Services team available 24/7?

You can reach Client Services Monday-Friday 9am-5pm CET and you will get a contact for emergencies out of the working hours. But remember, all farms are remote-monitoring, if something urgent requires our attention we will be the first ones noticing.

What other resources are available to me?

We will share our knowledge and our extended plants catalogue of existing recipes for you to start growing since day one. If you prefer to design your own signature our plant experts could help you with that.

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